Poison. Watch what you consume.

As time progresses, we all try new things. Life is all about trial and error, but you should know what exactly you’re taking and what it could cause before you do it. In today’s society people will try just about anything and not think twice about what it could do to them internally. There are so many types of poisons out there, some more dangerous than others, and people are coming in contact with them. So  dont consume anything you’re not 100% sure about.



Our parents have always told us “don’t let the bed bugs bite”, but we never really thought much of it. Our moms washed our sheets, “there couldn’t possibly be bugs in our beds.” we thought. But now that were older we get to thinking about it. Could there really be bugs in our beds? The answer is yes. A bedbug is a small but about the size of a pencil eraser that is flat, and reddish. If you do get bit by a bedbug like your parents warned you, it will be itchy and look like a little red bump. To avoid getting them you should keep your room clean. ALWAYS CLEAN YOUR ROOM WHEN YOU’RE TOLD!


Hearts pump blood throughout your whole body. Without your heart, you wouldn’t be alive. The average heart beats about 72 times per minute and about 2.5 billion times during a 66 year lifespan. That’s a lot of beating!